Wednesday, 14 August 2013  Ok, soooo, here I am, in front of the computer! About two weeks ago the Lord told me to start writing blogs.  I thought to my self that's a really good idea but, I write songs NOT BLOGS.

The lord proceeded to tell me that I should write blogs about the songs that he gives me, how hes word and healing flows from them. Well.... here goes...

The Anointing, track 3 on my EP Gods Music. So seven years ago in 2006 I received a word from the Lord calling me to the music industry. I have always written songs and sang, but to hear this calling from the mouth of God was truly amazing to me. I thought to my self I knew it! I knew there was something different about me! Now not to sound big headed or anything, I grew up with a lot of issues like most people but I was always searching for something else, feeling like this cant be it for my life, living the same old lifestyle, doing the same old things but still......feeling.....empty.

So, four years on from receiving that word from God, I was laying on my bed just thinking about Jesus and what he had called me to do. I always remember the wise words from my Pastor, Dr Ionie Shas, saying that she would choose the Anointing every time. The more I thought about this, words started to come into my spirit, lyrics. Thought about all the things that the Lord freely gives us, his love that is everlasting, his wisdom that is infinite. His mercies that are new every morning, and his peace that passes all understanding. Wow!!!! As a child of God we have assess to all this and more!
But, when you are called by God for a specific reason, it is the Anointing of God that will do the work!!

Luke 4:8 The spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised.

Now I am not a pastor, or a preacher but the Lord has commanded every believer to spread the gospel through different ways or gifts! Mine is through singing! I didn't know this at the time the song Anointing was written. I just thought God had called me to sing in my worship team at church and write songs. It wasn't until 2013 that the Lord confirmed his calling over my life! He had anointed me to write and sing songs that will come direct from heaven, and these songs will have healing in them!! What an amazing calling, and true to his word, the songs came. Lyrics that were truly piercing to the heart and soul and mind! I had no idea what God was preparing me for! Having experienced low self esteem, suicidal attempts, emotional and physical abuse in my life, God then revealed that my ministry was for broken women. It all made sense now, everything I had been through in my life, was so that I can help another woman in similar situations.

These songs come out of my life, my experiences but the Holy spirit gives me the words. And most importantly they minister to me FIRST!

The lyrics in song The Anointing are so powerful that I really didnt understand what i was writing when I wrote it!

 ' I am nothing, nothing without the anointing, can't do nothing nothing without you oh God, these words mean nothing, nothing without the anointing, please give me more anointing today, I would choose the anointing, every day'.

God bless.


  1. God is so great! And your right, so true to His Word. I was reading this post and I scanned the word "piercing". The Holy Spirit truly gave you that specific word to use as you wrote in the same way He gave me that Word. Prior to visiting this page I was on facebook leaving a message on your vocalz7 page. The word He gave me to use was "piercing". I felt led to click on your blog because I write a Christian blog too. For such a long time I have felt that my low self-esteem problems has been a great hindrance to me. Not knowing how to overcome them and feeling overwhelmed by that. But in recent days and even longer than that I know that God is encouraging me and yesterday's experience was extremely like that. I walked into the kitchen and Renew your mind was on and it truly spoke to my soul and to my brokenness. I know that God is healing my brokenness. And it is a refreshing perspective or rather truth, to know that it wasn't for nothing and God was preparing me for His plan for my life through those painful experiences. I heard a sermon speaking of that very same thing the other day. I think In Touch with Charles Stanley. Your weaknesses and your history is what becomes your means through which you help others if you get "out of yourself" and give it to God, letting Him work through them. E.g A blind athlete can offer a testimony that people are more inclined to listen to than one with sight.

    1. God bless you Rachel.
      It is encouraging to know that God has ministered to you through the song that he gave me. Having struggled with low self esteem myself, renew your mind was God speaking to me myself. The song he gives me always minister to me first, Even though we know we are called, anointed and appointed by God, renewing of the mind is a continuos thing throughout our Christian walk. The enemy never stops trying to pull us down and it often starts in the mind.
      I pray that whatever you have been through, that God will continue to bring healing and restoration in your life. He is faithful and just to complete the work he has begun in you! God bless. Vocalz